Personal Attention

Mike graduated from law school in 1981.  He has been practicing law long enough to know that people want to be able to meet and talk with their attorney, have their phone calls returned, and be updated about the progress of their legal matter.  Mike works hard for his clients, and strives to keep them aware of the developments in their cases. Mike is a member of the Allen County Bar Association, and the Indiana State Bar Association.

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Aggressive Approach

Mike earned the nickname "Bulldog" years ago from one of his clients.  Mike understands the importance of diplomacy, but he believes that the best way to negotiate the resolution of a contested matter is from a position of strength.  As a former deputy prosecutor in Indianapolis, and former Chief Deputy prosecutor in Fort Wayne, Mike accumulated 15 years of trial experience in major felony cases, including homicides.  An experienced trial attorney knows how to assemble a case, knows how to attack a case, and knows how to evaluate a case.

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Mike is "old school", and he believes that objective advocates should be able to maintain civility, even in the face of serious confrontation.  Reasonable people have reasonable disagreements, and lawyers are no different.  Mike continues to believe that the practice of law is a noble profession, and that lawyers perform an important function in a free society.

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Call the LOOMIS LAW OFFICE right now at (260) 271-1299. If Mike is unavailable, then leave a voicemail message and  Mike will return the message as soon as possible to discuss your legal problem and if indicated, then to schedule your appointment  You can also email Mike at [email protected] and ask for an appointment. Please be sure to include a brief description of your legal problem.


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