Administrative Law

Sometimes dealing with the bureaucracy of a state or federal administrative agency can be a real headache. Mike understands that, and he has the expertise to guide your case through the maze of turns that make such cases difficult. Working with government agencies is not a new experience for Mike, and he’ll represent you zealously. Yes, you CAN "fight City Hall”.

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Family Law

Mike understands that family relationships sometimes require “sorting out”.  Mike can help you with child custody, support, and visitation matters; dissolution of marriage (divorce), post-dissolution matters; involuntary commitment due to psychiatric crisis; guardianships;  juvenile cases; name changes; pre-nuptial agreements; elderly issues; and other matters that frequently face family members.  Mike will also help you prepare your Advanced Medical Directives, as well as your Last Will and Testament.


Business and Commercial Law

Mike handles business and commercial matters for individuals, and for small and medium sized companies. Mike offers counseling for start-ups, and for businesses that hit a snag. He knows and understands that, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a company with many employees, business owners want to avoid becoming embroiled in time-consuming, lengthy and expensive litigation, so Mike will help you look for an acceptable remedy to help you avoid this drain on your resources. Mike Loomis also recognizes that sometimes in commerce you just have to protect your business in litigation, and he’ll help you do that.


Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation: As an experienced trial lawyer, Mike is quite comfortable in the courtroom. He handles general civil litigation cases, whether as the plaintiff’s counsel in pursuing a claim, or as defense counsel in defending against a claim.

Personal Injury

It’s important if you’re injured in an accident that you protect your rights, and that you get legal advice, right away. Mike and three of his friends were in an accident in October 1972, sitting behind the driver in this Volkswagen Bug to the right of this text.  He broke his left femur, and had blood clots in his right leg. He was trapped in the car for 45 minutes on U.S. 24.  Mike was fortunate and blessed to have survived the accident. He knows what it is like to be an injured party in an automobile accident.  Don’t rely on an insurance company adjustor to settle your claim. Mike will help you pursue your claim, and the LOOMIS LAW OFFICE won’t get paid until unless you get paid. And, if the settlement results in you getting less than your lawyer’s fees, Mike Loomis guarantees to provide you with a fair result. Mike is available for home and hospital visits, too.

Personal Injury? Mike has experience as a victim of an accident, riding behind the driver of this VW bug in 1972. Fractured left femur, traction for two months, dangerous hematomas in right leg, and lots of PT.

Real Estate

Are you having a boundary dispute with your lake property? Until these matters get cleared up, the tension that they create with your neighbors can be unnerving.  Mike can help you with your real estate problems.