Alternative Dispute Resolution


Conflict in life can be stressful, especially when they result from litigation.  Knowing and understanding legal rights and obligations can be difficult, and negotiating a resolution is oftentimes demanding.  Sometimes informal settlement efforts just do not work, and mediation is required.  Bringing in an impartial person who is trained in mediation can make all the difference in the world.   Indiana's Alternative Dispute Resolution rules allow this.  Mike knows how to bring together parties to resolve their legal conflicts. Mike is registered as both a Civil and Family Relations mediator in Indiana.  Mike’s extensive experience in litigation serves him well in mediation.  If you need a neutral party to help you find common ground for settlement of your litigation case, or even in pre-suit mediation (before a lawsuit is filed), then contact Mike at the LOOMIS LAW OFFICE in Fort Wayne at (260) 271-1299 or email at   


Mediation in a Comfortable Setting

Chestnut Hills Office Park Suite

Mike's office suite in Chestnut Hills Office Park offers a scenic view of the 18th hole of the golf course.  Mike's suite includes comfortable conference rooms.  The location of the suite presents a relaxing setting for mediation.  Mike will help make you feel at home while you use your time at the office to try to settle your dispute.  You'll be in pleasant surroundings as you ponder the options presented to you for a voluntary settlement.  The art of mediation is in finding common ground between the parties.  Mike will work diligently to help you find options that can lead to resolution of your legal conflict, outside the courtroom.  Your legal representative will prepare a Confidential Statement for the mediator before the scheduled mediation, and under the Indiana Alternative Dispute Resolution rules, anything that you desire to be confidential must remain confidential.  This becomes an important aspect of settlement. You can provide information to the mediator, but require that the information remain confidential.  Mike and his comfortable office suite provide a mediation setting and that is conducive to bringing the parties together, even when they maintain vastly different positions.