Do I need to meet with you in person?

It is important for me to fully understand the situation that you are facing. Prospective clients and even current clients will frequently call about their rights and obligations under contracts that I have never seen, and I have to tell them that I will not advise them over the phone without ever having read the subject contract; that would be malpractice. However, I will provide clients an appointment so that we can meet face-to-face, and so that I can review their documents, instead of relying on their "interpretation" of their documents. I am also available for virtual meetings, including Messenger, ZOOM, Google Meet, and Skype.  If you desire a meeting on another platform, I am always willing to adapt to make that happen.

Do you provide trial advocacy?

Yes, I am an experienced trial lawyer. However, I am becoming more selective about the cases that I accept when they are likely to result in a trial.  Conducting a trial is physically very demanding for me because I give "my all", and it is an emotional roller coaster for the client. I also do not like to "threaten" litigation, unless I am committed to deliver.

Can you guarantee an outcome?

Of course not, but I can provide you an opinion about the likelihood of "success on the merits", based on my years of experience and my ability to analyze the situation that you are facing,  I cannot promise or guarantee you a result.  If an attorney "guarantees" an outcome, you might want to find another attorney. Legal advice is based on experience and opinion, and the outcome can never be "guaranteed". You know what they say about opinions: "everyone has one".