Mike Loomis first soloed an airplane in 1976, while a sophomore at Indiana University.  He obtained his Private Pilot license in 1978, before attending law school.  Aviation has been a part of Mike’s life since he was a young boy.  Mike will provide you with zealous advocacy in FAA enforcement actions; FAA Safety Medical cases; aircraft registration issues; aircraft accident investigations; hangar transactions; Part 135 Charter Operations; Part 65 “A & P” Mechanic issues; Part 141 Flight School operations; and, Part 145 Repair Station issues. Mike is experienced in many different facets of aviation law, and feels blessed that he has been able to have a career that combines aviation and the law.

Mike also feels very strongly about saving America’s airports.  He represented the group (S.A.F.E.) that saved Smith Field Airport (KSMD) in 2003, and has consulted in other airport closing fights.  Many times the very communities that are attempting to close the airport do not understand or comprehend the potential of the airport that they are trying to shut down, and Mike can help you create a legal and public relations campaign to keep that airport open, and allow it to grow.  

Mike is past-president of the NTSB Bar Association (now called the International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association (IATSBA), comprised of attorneys that practice before the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Department of Transportation (DOT).  The main focus of this group of attorneys is the representation of pilots and aviation businesses in regulatory, certification, and enforcement actions.  Mike stepped down as president after serving two terms.

Mike also acts as “mediator” in aviation cases and is available in Indiana to help resolve legal disputes between people from within and without the state.